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Who we are?

Truetex is the new and revolutionary entrant in the market which indulges in Global Sourcing and selling of Fiber, Yarns, Garments and Home Textile products.

The company is run by young and experienced professionals who aim to provide exemplary service to our associate members. Our objective is to work as a family and an integral part of your team to ensure a successful tomorrow.

What we do?

Your one-stop-destination for Textile, Fiber, Yarns, Garments and Home Textile Sourcing.

>We source for you.

>We promote for you.

>We do quality check.

>We help you grow.

Why us?

We are committed to a partnership beyond deal making or buying and selling activities.

We work towards adding value and enhancing your profitability by introducing new fibers, new yarns, new fabrics & new applications.

We have a far-reaching client base which involves top-notch companies in various International Markets.



  • 1. Cotton Yarn
  • 2. Chemical Fiber Yarn
  • 3. Spandex Yarn
  • 4. Air Covered Yarn (ACY)
  • 5. Draw Textured Yarn (DTY)
  • 6. Filament Yarns
  • 7. LINEN Yarns


  • 1. Cotton Fiber: We supply Indian Origin cotton Fiber from 28 mm to 34 mm
  • 2. Polyester Fiber (PSF) – Semi Dull, Bright, Cationic, Functional
  • 3. Viscose Fiber (VSF)
  • 4. Recycle Polyester Fiber (Recycled PSF)


Grey and Dyed Fabric

Home Textile

  1. 1. Conventional Cotton Bed Covers
  2. 2. Organic Cotton bed covers
  3. 3. Health Series Bed Covers

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India Number: +91 95607 16747

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Gaur City-1, Avenue-1, Block B

Room 1882, Greater Noida West, India

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